Absorene Book Cleaner and Dirt Eraser Two-Pack Each (Bundle- Total of 4 Items) for Cleaning Dirt and Dust Off Books and Documents

Price: $25.73
(as of Nov 24,2022 21:16:49 UTC – Details)

This product is a bundle of two Absorene Book/Document Cleaner and two Dirt Eraser sponges (total of 4 items). The Absorene Book/Document Cleaner is a non-toxic putty cleaner that comes in a re-sealable 15 oz. container. Keep container tightly closed when not in use; Store in normal room temperature and avoid freezing or direct sunlight. The Dirt Eraser sponge measures 3 inch x 6 inch x ¾ inches. The Dirt Eraser sponge is also known as Dry Cleaning Soot sponge. Sponge is re-usable and can be used multiple times. Clean sponge with mild soap and water, air dry completely and sponge will be ready for reuse. These products are widely used by libraries and book sellers for cleaning books, book jackets and book edges
Paper and Book Cleaner putty absorbs dust and dirt and brings your books back to looking new again, best for getting grime off the dust jackets, book covers and book edges.
Paper and Book Cleaner is a putty-like dry cleaner that works in much the same way an eraser does and is routinely used in conservation work.
The Dirt Eraser is the favorite of libraries, booksellers and antiquarians worldwide for cleaning books, manuscripts, maps, paper and other documents. Use dry, never wet.
The Dirt Eraser,or Chemical Sponge can also be used to remove soot and dirt from any surface you do not want to get wet including computer screens, car dashboard, lamp shades, pictures, paintings, tapestries and much more!
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