You are currently viewing Best Vertical Monitor for Coding & Programming – 2021 | By Manibaba Buying Guide

Best Vertical Monitor for Coding & Programming – 2021 | By Manibaba Buying Guide

Best Vertical Monitor for Coding & Programming – 2021 | By Manibaba Buying Guide

Best Vertical Monitor for Coding & Programming – 2021 | By Manibaba Buying Guide

Many the regular users may find vertical monitors useless and nothing more
then just a flashy screen to show off, but for some, vertical monitors are their daily driver.
Vertical monitors are the gold standard for coding and programming.
 Not only do they increase the productivity of a coder while coding many folds, but also save up a lot of scrolling time and unnecessary mouse movements for them so the rhythm that they are in remains undisturbed.
And this is the reason why most coders and programmers look for the best vertical monitor for coding.
 Other uses:
Other than coding and programming, vertical monitors are very useful in reading, especially
long novels and paragraphs.
They help in giving the feeling of reading from a book due to
similar dimensions as a physical page of a book and there is much less scrolling involved.
 They are also useful for email reading and other stuff related to emails.
Vertical monitors can also be used in multi-screen setups for gaming, which will enhance your gaming experience by many folds. These are also useful for social media scrolling.

 How to choose the best vertical monitor for coding & programming?

 What to look for in a monitor for coding/vertical monitor for coding? These are the things you
 should keep in mind before buying a vertical monitor for coding:
Screen orientation and alignment
The first one is very obvious, but also the most important one. The alignment of the monitor you
 are buying for coding should be vertical, or if you are buying a regular monitor, make sure that
 it can be rotated at least 90 degrees and adjusted to shift it to vertical from landscape dimensions.

Screen resolution

The higher the resolution of the monitor, the better and crisp quality of the image and texts you
will get while coding, which will benefit your productivity and you will be able to visualize things better.
That’s why you should always opt for the highest resolution screen you can, although a
 1080p screen would also work just fine for programming too.


The ergonomics of any monitor is the most important factor and most of the time overlooked.
It is especially important for coding, programming, and editing as these tasks require long hours of work.
 Thus the monitor should be adjustable on its stand and it should not be harsh on the user’s eye.


Top 3 Best Vertical Monitors for Coding

After going through many of the options available online and reviewing each one of them, our team
came up with the following list of vertical monitors which we think will be the best suitable for coding:

1. Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q 27-Inch 4KIPS Monitor



The Dell ultrasharp series of monitors have launched some of the most groundbreaking monitors with the crispest resolution and high-end specs in the market and dominated the monitor game.
 One of them is the Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q7.
It is a 27-inch standard-sized monitor with a
 resolution of 4k. This screen size and resolution match is the perfect sweet spot for screens as the 27-inch screen size really brings out the best from the 4k resolution if used with the perfect graphics card.
Its flexibility to be adjusted in the vertical monitor also makes it the best overall vertical monitor for coding, programming, and editing. It is one of the most highly rated monitors from the company and some part of it goes to its price range, which makes it a very appealing purchase for coders and graphic designers.
This monitor supports HDR10 which comes with 350 cd/m² brightness levels. It has a highly adjustable stand that can be tilted, height adjusted and rotated which makes it a perfect complete package to be used as a vertical screen for coding and programming. It also covers around 99% of the sRGB
 the spectrum which makes a very color-accurate screen.
Pros :
  • Highly adjustable stand.
  • 4k resolution.
  • HDR10 support.
  • Bezel Less design.
  • Affordable price.

 2. Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24″ Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor 1920 x 1080,

On the second place on our list is the Acer XFA240 24 inches monitor. It is the best cheap vertical monitor for coding. Although Acer advertises it as a gaming monitor, the XFA240 fits perfectly as a monitor for coding and programming thanks to its vertical orientation adjustable stand.
It is a 24 inch with a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution display.
These features are enough to make
it a good vertical monitor for coding and programming, but there’s more to it. Being a gaming monitor,
 the response time on this monitor is 1ms, which is outstanding and helps you a lot in coding as you will get an instant visual response to a mouse click or a button press.
Not only the response time but the refresh rate of this monitor is also just staggering. It has a
 144Hz refresh rate, and it is so good that this has become the first monitor to be certified for its G-sync capability by NVIDIA itself.
Thus, you can also call it the best vertical monitor for gaming too. It has a matte finish to its screen which helps improve the aesthetics of the monitor and hence of your setup.
  • Ergonomic design and stand.
  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Excellent response time.
  • Flicker-free backlight for long-term use.

3. ASUS VN279QL 27″ – Good Vertical Monitor for Programming




Last but not least good vertical monitor for coding is the ASUS VN279QL monitor. It is a 27
 inch height adjustable monitor by ASUS with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9 and it is a VA panel type LED monitor (not an IPS).
The stand of this monitor is fully adjustable with maximum pivot capability which converts it
to a vertical monitor.
The last thing you want on your monitor is a fixed hardstand. With fairly
small bezels, it has a seamless looking aesthetic design to it which will be pleasing to look at while placed in the vertical orientation on your home office desk.
Its thin bezels can also help it to be used in a multi-monitor setup for either gaming or coding.
 The response time of this monitor is 4 ms, which is more than good enough for coding or programming,
 but not the best for gaming. It is also VESA mount compatible, so you can mount it to the wall above your desk in vertical mode and save the space on top of your desk.


We hope that this detailed guide and article have helped you in choosing the best vertical monitor
for coding. Let us know how and in what ways are you going to use the vertical monitor. For any
queries or questions, you can comment below.

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