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Best Office Chair for 500 Lbs – 2021 | Manibaba Online Shop

Best Office Chair for 500 Lbs – 2021 | Manibaba Online Shop

Best Office Chair for 500 Lbs – 2021

Unfortunately, most common office chairs and many other products are made to keep in mind certain set standards of any type of people who will use this office chair. And for this reason, most office chairs are designed with maximum weight limits of up to 250 lbs and very limited size. This feature makes the purchase of an excellent 500 lbs office chair very difficult. And it doesn’t just happen with office chairs, many other offices, and household items are hard to find in a compact size.
It is not only the weight-bearing capacity (measuring kg or lb) that can be a problem for a person who weighs 500 lbs or more or less. Obviously, by being overweight, the required living space must also be above normal to be comfortable. So you should be looking for a 500 lbs office chair with both; volume and size.
5 best office chairs 500 lbs
We know that it can be very difficult to find the best 500 lbs office chair, so we did the hard part for you after learning about reviewing each office chair/desk. We have a large list of large and old office chairs that are the size of the assembly.


Unlike leather seats, this one has a backing mesh backing. This means you can stay in it all day and be comfortable. The holding arm is flexible, and you can adjust the height according to your need. This feature ensures that your shoulders do not become stiff after long hours of sitting.

The great thing about this chair is its versatile perspective. You can place this heavy load in the conference room and in your living room. Comfort and combined style mean that these chairs can be used no matter how you like them. This is undoubtedly among the top 500 lbs seats.

Pros :

  • Breathable mesh back support
  • Adjustable lumbar support




One of the basic designs you will find on desk chairs, this Safco Products chair can hold up to 500 lbs.
 You can determine the quality by simply looking at this seat. Safco Chairman
 Uber Big and Tall High Back can have a staff of all sizes. In addition, the level of comfort is always present in all metals and sizes. Reverse support and flexible 360-degree flexibility mean you can sit in this chair all day and stand up straight, without breaking back.
This powerful chair can hold your weight for 24 hours, all year round, without interruption. 
However, this section does not have arm support; the edges of the seat enclose it. With this built-in 
seat structure, your pressure points are free from stress. Less stress means better distribution, which increases your comfort and productivity.
It has a height adjustment pad, where you can adjust the height depending on the seating arrangement.
 You can change the height up to 4 inches. This is an important number that can be assigned to many other seats. The price point is small on the high side, but this seat costs a penny.


  • Easy to put together
  • Strong build






This desk chair by Flash Furniture is an excellent chair with a capacity of 500 lbs for use. It is the largest and longest 500 lbs variety of their Hercules furniture, intended for people with a larger figure. It is a chair designed for technical use. If you want a
 chair for your or a home setting with a capacity of 500 lbs, this premium chair is the choice you can make. The pillow is back to the old brown leather with a brown color that gives it a perfect top look.
The size of this chair is large, long, and wide enough to fit any type of person. It has beautiful flexible features such as its impressive resilience. If you want the ultimate
 premium experience with good building quality features for bodybuilding, this is for you.


  • Executive brown leather.
  • Great reclining feature.
  • Waterfall cushions end to prevent blood blockage from legs.
  • Sturdy.



This Anda Dark Knight gaming chair is an excellent gaming chair for 500 lbs or tall people. When it comes to sports chairs, there are only a handful of such seats that give you a much larger size form for people much smaller than the average person. This Anda Dark knight playground fulfills that.

The weight of this chair is around 450 lbs (the highest in the play chair), and you will feel this feature by feeling its strength. “Built as a complete ” – writes the reviewer. Made of steel frame, PVC, and carbon fiber which ensures the best construction quality. The back of the chair is flexed but not too soft with a certain angle of inclination made using pillows.

The pillow and chair itself of this toy chair are made of cold foam which is pressed under pressure. What helps is that even after a long period of time the heavyweight of this chair will not be able to relax and lose its shape over time, as is the case with many other seat cushions.

  • Highly adjustable.
  • Long back support for taller people.
  • Excellent build quality.



This office chair of the lesser-known brand is an excellent desk chair with a capacity of 500 lbs. It is a Big and Tall 500 lbs office chair. And that is what its name suggests, it is a large, spacious, and long office chair with a very sturdy structure, designed especially for long-term seating. But it is more than just a long, wide chair.
Starting with the ergonomics of this office chair, the back of the chair is very long and wide indicating that it is designed for people with a long or large stature, and a certain curve at the back is very well constructed and put a rest by bending your spine. Seat curling alone provides support for your entire spine. So you can sit on it all day with a painless back.
The distinguishing feature of this office chair is that it has lumbar back support inside its pillow. Yes, you heard right. Just plug in a USB power adapter and give yourself a little softback massage.


  • Made from heavy-duty PU leather.
  • Great wide and tall dimensions.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Built-in lumbar vibratory massage system.


Purchase Guide for the Office of the Chief of the Long and Long Office of 500 Lbs (2021)
Here are a few things to look for before buying a 500 lbs office chair:
1. Carrying weight/carrying capacity:
The first is obvious. You should check the weight-bearing capacity of the office chair provided by the manufacturer. Usually, you should choose an office chair or desk that can carry more than your body weight. But a normal stool with the same weight-bearing capacity as your body weight will also work.
2. Size of office chair:
That’s where most of the top buyers make a mistake. They only consider the weight-bearing capacity of desk chairs without regard to size (width, height, pointed seat, backrest, etc.). A comfortable office chair should not only be able to carry and carry your weight while staying strong at the same time but should also be large enough to fit your body size. Trust me, you don’t want to feel cramped and stressed in an area where you will spend many hours during work.
3. Ergonomics:
This is also obvious. What’s the point of having a 500 lbs office chair if it doesn’t give you comfort but instead gives you unnecessary backs? Whether it is mesh or leather, it should be able to give you comfort.
4. Create quality:
It does not make sense to buy a cheap chair that will not even sit on you for six months than to buy one that will last longer even if you have to spend extra money on it. Think of it as an investment that will benefit you and others.
The conclusion
As well as the size of the seats mentioned, these seats are also heavier and sturdy than most conventional chairs. The price should not be an excuse to use when looking for an excellent 500 lbs office chair, as these seats justify their purchase very well. I hope this article has helped you in choosing the best office chair for 500 lbs. Leave a comment below.


Best Office Chair for 500 Lbs – 2021