EBOOBA Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Detection Sensor Module Analog Output 0-10V

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(as of Dec 22,2022 20:29:48 UTC – Details)

EBOOBA The temperature and humidity measurement range is high and the humidity measurement accuracy is high.
, cost-effective
Instrumentation, electrical equipment, conditioning equipment, homes, factories, warehouses, humidification and drying equipment, meteorology and industrial automation and other fields.
Electrical characteristics:
Operating voltage: DC 12-24V
Operating current: 6mA
temperature: 0-70°C
humidity: 0–95%RH
Working temperature: -20-+ 80°C
Operating Humidity: 0-100%RH (non-condensing)
Temperature detection accuracy: ±1°C
Humidity detection accuracy: ± 5% RH
Temperature output mode: resistance output (please refer to the information for purchase details)
Humidity output mode: voltage 0-10V
Package Contents:
1 * Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

Using the data sampling principle of IC temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity sensitive devices, once again through Min’s algorithm, with the temperature and humidity changes, temperature and humidity compensation nonlinear impedance characteristics, linearity correction, calibration, making temperature, humidity sensitive devices The non-linear resistive impedance characteristic translates into a linear analog output.
Full range of temperature compensation
Appearance digital calibration

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