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Engineer’s Reference EDC Card

Price: $25.00
(as of Aug 20,2023 07:45:08 UTC – Details)

The Engineer’s Reference is a credit card size smart card for engineers, students, and makers.
It has some of the most useful gauges and references used by engineers when solving problems in the field, making repairs, or designing new products.

All of the information is printed onto a durable printed circuit board (PCB).

Makes a great gift for engineers and students!


  • Metric & imperial rulers
  • AWG wire gauge
  • SMD size gauge
  • Trace width gauge with current capacity
  • IC package sizes (most common)
  • IC pitch gauge
  • Material properties (most common)
  • Resistor values
  • LED indicator forward voltages
  • Wavelengths (from color)
  • Flame Temperature (from flame color)
  • NFC Tag (NTAG215)
    Technical Specifications:
    • Units: Imperial & Metric
    • Card Dimensions: 54 mm x 85 mm x 0.6 mm
    • Card-Holder Dimensions: 94 mm x 64 mm x 4 mm
    • NTAG215: 500 bytes, ~430 characters
    • Programming the NFC tag requires a phone with NFC capability (most modern smartphones can do this, but check if you have an older model).
    • All values are for reference only

FR4 PCB …Printed circuit boards are extremely durable with incredible tolerances.
INCLUDED ADHESIVE CARDHOLDER …The best tool is the one you have with you, and the included card holder makes it an effortless part of your EDC.
MATERIAL PROPERTIES… Included are the key properties of some of the most used materials by engineers across disciplines.
INCORPORATED NFC TAG …The incorporated NFC tag allows you to customize your card by storing any additional information you need on it.

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